Flywire Payment Integration

Flywire can be integrated with eBECAS for invoices to be paid online through the STudent Portal or Students and agents can be sent an email with a link to pay online.

One of the strong benefits of Flywire is the College receives the invoiced amount without any bank charges or other fees. This makes the reconciliation of what is invoiced and what is paid transparent. Most other online payment methods separately charge their fees which makes reconciliation more difficult. Flywire is best used for

Flywire will supply credentials for integration with eBECAS. You will also need to let Equator IT know you are setting up integration, and we can assist you along the way. Ensure you contact Equator IT before using Flywire for Online Payments.

Setting up eBECAS for Flywire Integration

Go to Utilities>>Setup Configuration>>Setup>>Online Payments

To select the currency that payment is made from, Flywire uses the Students country as the origin (this can be changed by the student or agent when they make a payment). Please check that ISO 3 Codes are setup for each country used in eBECAS and Flywire. These should be enabled and linked by default in most cases.

Go to Go to Utilities>>Setup Configuration>>Geographic>>Countries

The ISO 3 code will be used to link the country and currency. Review any mismatches and select the correct ISO 3 code.

Setting up the Student Portal for Flywire Integration

To provide a payment link for Students in the Student Portal:

From Settings, go to the Online Payment section.
Enable Flywire Online Payments for students.
Enter the Provider Code, Destination and Secret as provided by Flywire for your account.
Enter a default ISO 3 Country code, which will be used if a student does not have a Country with an ISO 3 Code specified in eBECAS.

Student Payments using Flywire through the Student Portal

When enabled, the Student Portal will provide an option to make a payment for any money owing to the college. This will be available for the student on the Invoices tab.

Student will also see a list of Online Payments started, along with the status of the Payment (and whether it is received by the college or cancelled).
Payments made through the Portal will also be monitored by eBECAS, and the status of payments from students can be tracked and then receipted once received (see below for details).

Sending Student Payment links using Bulk Email and SMS

Students, agents and parents can also be sent a link to make a payment using flywire from eBECAS, using either Bulk Email or SMS. The link will be monitored by eBECAS, and updated as the payment status progresses.