The purpose of this section of the manual is to provide you with assistance in setting up and using the Avetmiss features in eBECAS. eBECAS has been built with integrated reporting to the Australia Quality Training Framework (AQTF) and allows you to make submissions of Avetmiss data non government funded and government funded returns.


Company Details

You will then have to navigate too eBECAS – Utilities – Company to enable Avetmiss for the company and fill in the details.


Faculty Details

After you have enabled Avetmiss for the appropriate companies, go to eBECAS – Utilities – Faculty. Here you can enable Avetmiss for the relevant faculties and fill in the details.


Course Details

Please then go to eBECAS – Utilities – Courses, and for each course that is an Avetmiss course, enable Avetmiss, and fill in the details.


Module Details

Please go to eBECAS – Utilities – Module and for each module fill in the details.


Student Details

For students that use Avetmiss, please display the Student Details and you will find a VET & HE tab where you can enter the Student’s details for Avetmiss.


Entering results

Normally, when a module is assigned a class, the period studied and attendance will be automatically filled in. Please enter the grade/mark if required, the student course module status and the VET outcome & funding.


Generating a Return

To generate the files to submit the Avetmiss return, please go to eBECAS – Main – Utilities – Avetmiss.


Enter the period that you want the Avetmiss files from (Export Students Date Range) and the export location of the files.