The purpose of this page is to provide a general overview of the tasks that need to be completed to successfully setup AVETMISS for your college. For a detailed breakdown of the AVETMISS Setup and reporting processes please refer to the AVETMISS Setup and Reporting section of the manual.

AVETMISS Setup Configuration

  • Ensure Avetmiss is enabled for eBECAS


  • Obtain the correct RTO ID and RTO Name from NCVER
  • Ensure Address Details are Correct and Postcode/Suburb Combination correct.

Program Scope

  • Obtain Scope of Registration from State Training Authority
  • Import Scope into eBECAS to create Nationally Recognized Programs and Subjects
  • Select Subject in the scope which will be compulsory for each Program.

Delivery Locations

  • Setup each Delivery Location where Recognised Training is delivered for the company.
  • Ensure the Avetmiss Code is Unique for each location
  • Ensure Postcode and Suburb Combination matches


  • Setup Faculties Providing VET Training, set to Avetmiss Enabled
  • Link to a Default Delivery Location
  • Optionally setup any alternate Delivery Locations


  • Setup Contracts for all Government Funded and Student Funded training
  • Setup Funding Patterns for enrolments under these contracts


  • Setup Programs for each VET Faculty, attach to correct Scope
  • Attach Contract where appropriate
  • Check Subject Linking is correct for Program
  • Optionally, select alternate Delivery Location for Subjects

Further Resources

NCVER AVETMISS 7 VET Provider Collection Specification

NCVER AVETMISS Validation Software

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