What is eBECAS? eBECAS is a tightly integrated cloud based College Management system for Language College/Schools, RTOs (VET Providers) and Higher Education providers.
Of special note for Language Colleges is eBECAS supports weekly starters and weekly results for progression through classes for the period of the enrolment.
VET RTO support includes Avetmiss and RAPT submissions for all States and NCVER.
eBECAS meets these requirements for compliance for overseas students in Australia.

Student details include address, diary contacts including email and sms, Agent, Visa, CoE, USI, Avetmiss and RAPT, photo, work placements, insurance, enrolment details, classes, fees, accommodation placements and document repository
Initial Data Entry Entering Company/s, Campus Locations, Fees, Courses with prices, Language Sessions for Classes, VET subjects for courses, Faculties (course grouping for reports), Countries, Agents with commission arrangements, Homestay and accommodation providers
CRICOS TPS ESOS Regulations eBECAS continuously keeps abreast of the CRICOS and ESOS regulations. eBECAS enables your College to load payments by COE into Prisms and update student address details. eBECAS also ensures the invoices generated conforms to the ESOS regulations and shows the period covered for the tuition payment with any holidays listed during the course
SSVF GTE Streamlined Student Visa Framework and Genuine Temporary Entrant support
Prisms Import Load Visa and Coe details from Prisms into eBECAS and update Prisms in bulk with address detail changes

eBECAS Process flow

Enquiry > Offer > Admission > Classing > Assessment > Surveys > Reporting
Offers and opportunities course offers, salesperson, agent, follow up management by offer date, accommodation request, airport transfer date, course start date. installment plan specification
Agent Management agent address, diary, commission rates, documents, list of all students sent by the agency, employees, agent account and scheduled payments of gross payments
Admissions admission workflow from offer to acceptance, offer cancellation, enrolment changes – extensions, shorten, change start date and cancellations
Study Tour Groups tour group offers and enrolments with one invoice for all students in the group
Homestay & Airport Transfers homestay requests, accommodation provider management and categories, finding availability by date, bed type and family categories, placements, scheduled payments and airport transfer requests
Email eBECAS integrates with services to send a single email for a student, homestay provider or agent with a single merged attachment or in bulk with Mailchimp/Mandrill using html formatted templates or a simple text email with data extracted from eBECAS
SMS messages eBECAS integrates with SMS services to send SMS messages to phones individually or in bulk using simple SMS templates
Document Repository documents, Microsoft Word templates and files can be stored using EIT’s Amazon Document Storage for your College and each document can be filed in eBECAS with a student, accommodation provider, agent and Teacher and Class
Surveys surveys can be defined and sent to students from within eBECAS. Surveys are answered in the students portal by students. Surveys responses can be analysed by country, course, class/subject, teacher and agent.

Portals for smart phone, computer and tablet access

Student Portal Students can see their timetables, Fees, Result outcomes, attendance, College news, messages and enter surveys on their phone, tablet or computer browser
Teacher Portal Teachers can see their timetables, classes and students and enter absences, diary comments and results on their phone, tablet or computer browser

VET Colleges

VET Classing allocate VET enrolments to class by subject including day, time, rooms and teachers for any week, enter absence and assessments by class, students and teachers can see their timetable using the teacher and student portal; VET outcomes can be entered by class or cohort in bulk updating AVETMISS details.
Results & Assessments VET results including competencies and details for AVETMISS returns, transcripts, and print certificates in bulk and individually
AVETMISS USI eBECAS supports AVETMISS 8 reporting and has the facility to generate and verify the USI value live
VET Results Data Load This utility allows you to load Student VET results including AVETMISS outcomes for each student into the last enrolment.
AVETMISS Checklist
Live USI integration

Language Colleges

Language Classing allocate Language enrolments to class including day, time, rooms and teachers for any week and allocate classes in the future without effecting current classes, enter absence and assessments by class, students and teachers can see their timetable using the teacher and student portal.
Results & Assessments enter Language assessments and print certificates in bulk and individually
Language Class Allocation There is a new feature where eBECAS provides the display of results by Language Class with results, and enables the change of class allocation with this display.
Weeks at Language Class Level


Financials student invoices, receipts, credits, debits and transfers; calculate revenue by period, course, faculty, agent or country (for each student and fee); schedule payments to agents, homestay providers, airport transfer provider and insurance providers; and calculate revenue using cash or accrual basis
Course Price Books
MYOB integration export data from eBECAS to load into MYOB


Warning Letters
Offer and Enrolment Changes
HEIMS Reporting
VET and HE Student Loans
EA Annual Report


Installation and Updater
Skin change eBECAS colour combinations
Student photo display and export
Search screen options and displaying columns


Microsoft Word setup for Templates
Using single Templates
Using bulk Templates
Flexible template tables

What is new

Weeks at Language Class Level
Add Holidays to Offer
Sending Simple Bulk Emails with embedded data
API Documentation
Dashboard widgets Providing a graphical view of College numbers by faculty, country, salesperson and agency on the login screen.