Overseas students

Overseas students studying longer than 6 months (24 weeks) require a Student Visa.
Before a student can obtain a Visa to study in Australia the College needs to provide CoE (confirmation of Enrolment details and documentation).
Prior to the College issuing a CoE using Prisms, the College must confirm and verify that the student is a Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE). This is verified generally with an interview with certified documents supplied by the student.
When the documents and interview is completed and the student is deemed by the College to be a GTE, the College provides an invoice for the student for payment.
The student then makes payment directly to the College or through an agent. The College then enters the student details into Prisms and generates a CoE number.
The College then provides a copy of details to the student / agent including the CoE number who then applies to the Australian Government Consulate for a Student Visa. The Prisms website updates the students application progress details using the CoE and Visa status.

Compliance issues:

Format of the Letter of offer includes CoE and
a. Amount for entire course (sum of highest estimate per semester and may include health cover)
b. Start date, end date and length of course
c. Course CRICOS code and name of course
d. Provider CRICOS code
e. If a conditional offer, the specification of the conditions
f. If there is a payment plan the invoice must specify the period the tuition covers for each invoice

All fees must be protected. If paid before the student starts a course fees must be placed in the notified account (trust)
Previously there was a requirement to specify a study period as a maximum of 24 weeks, this is no longer required
There is now no requirement to restrict collection of outstanding tuition 2 weeks prior to second study period
The student has a choice to pay 50% or more up front unless it is for a course of less than 25 weeks where all fees may be collected
The study period must be specified for every payment of the tuition fees
A payment plan can be specified for remaining fees
The fees deposited in the notified account must to entered into Prisms by CoE number for each student with deposit date

Contact details
Students address and contact details must be confirmed by the College at least each 6 months and be uploaded into Prisms.

Attendance monitoring
Attendance monitoring is required for Language studies – Students must maintain at least 80% attendance
College’s must use a documented warning system – history of 3 notifications issued to the student before intent to report.

Procedures required
Student welfare – managing critical incidents
Assessing student qualifications experience and suitability for course applied for
Assessing refund claims process
Record of Agent written agreements, and monitoring activities of agents
Verify and check the suitability of Student accommodation/support/welfare arrangements
Assessing transfer requests
Handling complaints and appeals
Monitoring students progress and enrolment load
Monitoring and storing recording and assess the course progress including intervention strategies
Monitoring and recording course credit
Managing, assessing, approving and recording deferment and start of study including suspension of study
Monitoring an managing staff resources and capabilities including quality assurance of delivery

Under 18
Provide care and welfare arrangements update of changes and registration of details in to Prisms for students under 18

Health Cover
Overseas Student Health Cover is required from the date of arrival of student in Australia to the date of departure
The CoE letter must include if the health cover has been arranged by the College and include:
a. Whether or not the student has decided to arrange the health insurance
b. The name of the health insurance provider
c. Their health insurance number (required if the student is supplying their own insurance)
d. The policy start and end date consistent with their visa and expected arrival and departure dates
e. terms and conditions of the insurance

VET (Avetmiss) reporting

For Overseas students (fully funded)
a. Require USI (Universal Student Identifier)
b. Avetmiss reports submitted to NCVER yearly

Local students
a. Require USI
b. Avetmiss data submitted to State with different data exported in Avetmiss files by state. Data is generally reported by month new course starts and completion information and may include funding contract details

VET Quality indicator reporting to ASQA
a.Learner engagement and employer satisfaction (separate questionnaires) survey reporting