eBECAS allows for proxy settings for the data connection, to allow for eBECAS to connect through a transparent proxy.

The 3 files that can be used are :

  • ssh.proxy.dat
    Sets the proxy for the data connection to the eBECAS server
  • html.proxy.dat
    Sets the proxy for AWS S3 Storage connection (Templates and Documents), SMS and Bulk Email
  • install.proxy.dat
    If the proxy is dis-allowing the auto-update, you may also need to add this. Sets the proxy for the Auto-updater which runs when eBECAS first loads

The format of the proxy files should be


Where PROXY_HOST is the address of the proxy to use, and PROXY_PORT is the port to use.

To enable proxy settings, create the required files in the eBECAS installation directory, which will be found in the %LocalAppData%\EquatorIT\11 folder.

These files will need to be used for each PC with eBECAS installed which requires proxy configuration.