Please update eBECAS user access and roles after every major update. New options and reports need to be reviewed for each user.
Please search for details in the online manual for more details

Significant release October 8, 2020
  • Student Portal – Students can Upload and Download documents
  • Teachers Portal – Teachers can Download and Upload documents for their classes
  • Student Portal – Students can message the College
  • Teacher Portal – Teachers can message their students
  • Teacher Portal – Teachers can mark Participation warning
  • Teachre Portal – Teachers can enter feedback for results and feedback can be published to student portal or only viewed inernally
  • Teacher Portal – for VET classes the teacher can see all students they have been assigned as a trainer for the enrolment
  • Students can access the Student Portal at the offer stage and be sent and receive documents and messaging before acceptance.
  • Updates by the stduent to their details, and messages and documents uploads are logged and viewed in the new Student Activity Log
Significant release June 29, 2020
  • USI Bulk Validation
  • USI Validation Request and response logging
  • Improved screen clarity with DirectX hardware acceleration
  • Visa search with expired option check
  • Australian Postcode updated list
  • Exam booking integration with payments
  • Agent search added optional display of commissions, offer and enrolment numbers, offered course weeks and value
  • A new user type option has been added User Admin Only which enables you to add a user that is only used to display logged in users without taking up a user slot i.e. without checking if you have reached your license limit and enables you to log other users out
Significant release May 11, 2020
  • New option to publish SMS Messages to Student Portal when sending
  • Student Portal Messages are receipted as read when viewed by Student
  • Option to export Online Payment details from Word Merge
  • New SMS Provider
  • eBECAS.Portal API credentials moved to eBECAS application. Options for user to reset credentials as required
  • Student Contact detail (Email and SMS) fields available in Offer Search
  • Student Contact detail (Email and SMS) fields available in Student Fees Due search
  • Active Provider filter for Provider Member search
  • Homestay and Scheduled Homestay Payments displayed together on Student HS/APU details tab
Significant release April 19, 2020
  • Online Payment Support, full integration with Flywire Global Payments. Import functionality for other providers
  • New Merge Template User Access options
  • Offer Custom Fields added to Enrol Search
  • Agent Head Office option – assign a Head Office Agent for a group of agent branches
  • New Merge Template User Access options
  • Privacy Checklist options for students
  • New Provider Member Search and SMS / Email contact options
  • Performance improvements for Scheduled Payment creation
  • New Homestay Residence / Homestay field
  • Enrolment Extension Invoices now add date period description to invoice line item
  • Additional Validation for Absence entry
  • Additional Validation to Course Setup to prevent losing Class History by removing previously used Sessions for Language Class attendance
Significant release Mar 31, 2020
  • New Online Class and Online Room options for classing
  • New Agent Employee Search form
  • Program Name character limit increased to 100 characters
Significant release Mar 16, 2020
  • New Cancellation gadgets to track Cancellations
  • New Offer Net Week chart gadget and Detailed Report
  • New Offer Search Options – Search by Cancellation Date
  • New Offer Search Options – Include Cancelled Enrolments in the Offer Search
  • New Offer Search Options – Status Change Date Field (Cancel or Acceptance date), Enrol Cancel Date
Significant release Feb 19, 2020
  • Added option for new Clickatell Portal for SMS – please contact for details
  • Added Finishing/Following field to enrolment search (shows if enrolment is followed by other enrolments for student).
  • Prevent modify of Offer after acceptance by another simultaneous user for the same Offer
  • Fixed Permission issue with Bulk Email, now requires Bulk Email Merge Permission to send Bulk Email
  • Added ProductID and Bulk Publish options to Course and Fee Search for eBECAS.Portal API
  • Enrolment COE Selection, Inactive Status excluded from available COE list
  • New Quick Select Option for Assigning Receipted money to Invoices and Fees
  • Change to Calculation of Weeks at Level in Language Enrol Search
  • New option for New/Continuing by Faculty Type(New or Continuing in Language or VET only)
  • New Family Member Grid with Date of Birth
  • New Options to configure for Proxy
  • Fixed issue loading Pathway list from Application Search
  • Lock Study Group details tab for new Study Group – save before creating an offer
  • Student Search sped up for search by Student Name
  • Export grids option to export to XLSX
Significant release Oct 14, 2019
  • New Pathway features added
  • Pathway Application Search – search by Pathway Application date and details
  • Pathway Provider College – define contact details and employees for Pathway colleges
  • Multiple Pathways for each student
  • Updates to Survey Release. Broadcast to Language classes by date
  • Photo Capture now saves as JPEG image
  • New Enrol Search Merge option – Save Photos to File
  • Added additional Airport Pickup and Dropoff details to Homestay Accomodation Search
  • Added option to use set Program Start Dates to Offer Item setup
  • For Subject based pricing of VET Courses – updating Invoice Due Date updates Result Census/Due Date
  • Added new Select All Filtered option for Merge toolbar, which only selects filtered records (the current Select All selectes all filtered and unfiltered)
Significant release Sep 2, 2019
  • SMS and Bulk Email – added notification of recipient count before sending
  • added Main menu option to Save and load Form Layout columns
  • added option for Bulk Email and SMS – Agent Employee / Counsellor Contact
  • added Main menu option to Save and load Form Layout columns
  • added Delete Schedule option for Class Schedule setup
  • added Vet/HE Result Import Function
  • added Survey Functionality to create and release surveys for students
  • New Office 2019 Skin added
  • New Excel Style Filtering option for search grids
  • added Duration to Accomodation Schedule Payments Excel Export
Significant release June 1, 2019
  • added new flexible template grid for VET results
  • added to enrolment numbers by week/month for starters option to display course weeks
  • made adjustments to Un-Earned Report as of date to deduct debits
  • added new homestay revenue report for placed and scheduled students in period
Significant release May 17, 2019
  • added option to email and sms to contacts and payees in bulk
  • added Anticipated cash flow Report – for offers and enrolments future invoices due by month or week listing Gross, Nett, Course, Agent and Other fees grouped by Faulty, Country, Agent and Salesperson
  • Added to Student search option to search for email address and birth date
  • Added support for multiple homestay provider rates
  • Added new Homestay Provider fields – last Inspection date, relabel mother father emails as Contact 1, Contact 2, add editable label for Contact 1 and Contact 2
  • Added Homestay Provider Members – each Family member birthday date and calculate age, family member Criminal Check tick, date criminal check issued, date criminal check renewed, phone, mobile and email field
  • Added to new Accommodation Schedule payments as of date: payment weeks/days, View option to go to Homestay placement, export schedule includes from – payment date and dates in and out
  • Added agent custom fields
  • Added new Avetmiss lookup values
Minor release Apr 27, 2019
  • Added Student Search options. Search by email address and Search by Date of Birth
  • Added Offer Search option – search by Offer No
  • Added Reconnect functionality on lost connection.
  • Fixed Heading order for Language Results Report
  • New system option to Display Transactions by default for Enrolment Fees
Minor release Apr 16, 2019
  • Added PAT and Pathway fields to Field Chooser for Offer Search Form
  • Added System Option to filter receipt Bank Account by Company
Minor release Mar 28, 2019
  • Fixed display of Results in Lang Class Allocation form
  • Added Reset Form option to Main Menu>>Windows to reset form display setting for focused form
  • Display Result Comments on Results in Period Report
  • Added Absence List to Enrol Bookmarks – E_ABSENCELIST1, E_ABSENCELIST2
  • Added new Bookmark field T_APU_TIME showing APU time in am/pm, T_TIME showing 24 hour time
  • Added Homestay Notes to Request/Placement Search form
  • Added Percentage Mark to Class Vet Results form
  • Removed AVETMISS fields from VET & HE Results and VET Results for non-AVETMISS colleges
  • Fixed issue where Language Result Document could be added with no Result created
Significant release Mar 21, 2019
  • Validation to prevent Offer Acceptance with a dollar value and no installments created
  • Fixed issue with option 3 Generate Installments option
  • New Offer in Period and Offer Item in Period reports for Marketing – Offer Reports
  • Bulk Email College wide setting to default to OS or Local email
  • Option to Select Emergency Contact for Bulk Email or any Student Contact for Single email
  • Custom Language Results length expanded to 100 characters
Minor release Jan 29, 2019
  • Language Class Schedule edit – select and edit multiple schedule entries together
  • New Language Enrol Search Weeks at level field now uses enrol weeks (not including holidays)
  • VET Results Word Merge – now provides for V_…_2 bookmarks filtered by Result Completed status
  • Enrolment Word Merge AT_ COE bookmarks now use COE attached to Enrolment
Significant release Jan 18, 2019
  • Added Total Course Length and Final Course Finish date to Offer Search form
  • Class Schedule allocation – Simplify Creation and modifying,more clearly display dates schedules are current, allow End Date to be set
  • Student and Teacher Portal – add Data Privacy / EU GDPR acceptance – Fields added to Enrol Search and Student Details
  • Add support to view and add documents to Study Tours
  • Weeks at Enrolment level calculation – Added to Enrol Search
  • New Finance Form – 9.5 Fees due by Payee
  • Main Menu – Finance – renamed and reordered Finance section forms
  • Add portal option to remove display of Student’s results when are fees overdue
  • Added Percentage mark option for Academic results, with decimal places
Significant release Jan 18, 2019
  • Added Group Enrol Start and End Dates to Enrol Search Form
  • Set minimum size of Main Form to 200×200 pixels
  • Added COURSE_DESC (Course Notes) to Offer Item Merge
  • Removed Status condition for COE drop down in Enrol Details
  • Minimum Student age set to 3 at start of current year
  • User Search now displays users from inactive locations
  • Attendance Tracking re-calculation added to Class Schedule Absence Entry
  • New Comparison report – excel merge, corrected merge fields
  • Student Form – Disable New Offer option until student has been saved
  • Added Region to Offer and Enrol search
  • Fixed order of first and last name in BUPA Insurance Export
  • Added Enrol Custom Fields and View Options to Lang Class Alloc Form
  • Changed required fields for VET Enrol Search VET Filled flag
  • Moved Application Count to bottom of search form, added offer count
  • Added COURSE_HOURS to Enrol Merge
  • Changed percentage to use Enrol weeks to calculate on New Comparison report. Corrected order of Last Period and current period
  • Added validation check to Accept Offer to ensure the status has not been changed (accepted or cancelled) since the form was opened
  • Fixed Attendance Roll to break page for each class
  • Allow saving Class Results when Class Name/Teacher Name/Class Level is blank
  • Update Class Name, Teacher Name and Class Level with current class when editing existing Weekly Result
  • Changed Language Results form to use current user as default Teacher
  • Fixed Runtime error in Lang Results and VET Results reports
  • Added E_COURSE_HOURS bookmark to Offer Merge, showing total expected hours for enrolment
  • Fixes to Word Merge Template upload , allow name change without re-uploading file
Significant release Sep 27, 2018
  • Added option to schedule Offer Holidays at offer stage, as well as new Merge bookmarks
  • VISA Type added to Insurance Search Results
  • Setup Configuration form and save changes
  • Added Agent Details to the Accomodation Search
  • Added Multi Search options (search by part of name, search for multiple names) to Agent Search Form
  • Added Flexible Merge table options for Offer Instalment Details
  • Homestay Providers can now specify multiple available locations
  • Locations can now have address details that can be exported to Student, Offer and Enrol Merge
  • Period Comparison Report 12.040 – added new filters and reporting options
  • Enrolment Reports – add option to multi-select faculties
  • Language Class Allocation Form – display PAT fields for unallocated students
  • New Language Class allocation Projection Report
  • New columns on Enrol Search – Under18, VET Details Completed
  • Added new required Town/CIty of Birth for USI Generation
  • Added Completion Rate Percent, Completed Percent fields to Enrol search
  • New Bulk Email to send simple text or html email (without using Mandrill Templates)
  • New Insurance Export for BUPA Provider
  • Improved Offer interface and added GTE Required and Visa Required fields
  • Improved interface for Dashboard
Minor release Aug 17, 2018
  • Added VET Contract Hourly Rate Course Price Option
  • Added USI Verified field to Enrol and Student Search
  • Added option to run a Projected future Income Recognition report
  • Added Release notes to display for each update with details
  • A connected web camera can take a student photo and load the photo into the student details section
  • Flexible user created table bookmarks
  • Bulk SMS and Bulk Email option added to Homestay search
  • Upon login optional display of a dashboard with user selected graphical gadgets
  • Added to audit log: VET Results, Language Class Attendance and Class Allocation
  • Student photo display – The student search, enrolment search and class allocation screens have the option to display the student photo. The photo can also be exported using Excel Merge which enables the use of Mail Merge from a Excel file with the photo to generate student photo ids
  • Choice of colour scheme and skin for users
  • Language Class Allocation This feature displays student results by Language Class and enables you change the student allocation to a class
  • API to read and write eBECAS data : Included in the license for 10 or more administrative users the eBECAS API is available8
  • This is a major update primarily to improve the updater which is now an in-built part of eBECAS
Minor release May 25, 2018
  • A connected web camera can take a student photo and load the photo into the student details section
  • Flexible user created table bookmarks
  • Bulk SMS and Bulk Email option added to Homestay search
  • Upon login optional display of a dashboard with user selected graphical gadgets
  • Added to audit log: VET Results, Language Class Attendance and Class Allocation
Major release  Apr 04, 2018
  • This is a major update primarily to improve the updater which is now an in-built part of eBECAS see here
  • Student photo display – The student search, enrolment search and class allocation screens have the option to display the student photo. The photo can also be exported using Excel Merge which enables the use of Mail Merge from a Excel file with the photo to generate student photo id’s see here
  • Choice of colour scheme and skin see here
  • Language Class Allocation – This feature displays student results by Language Class and enables you change the student allocation to a class see here
  • API to read and write eBECAS data – Included in the license for 10 or more administrative users the eBECAS API is available to see endpoint details see here

Significant release Oct 26, 2017
  • eBECAS can load the Prisms file export called “CoE and Student data export” – this will update CoE and Status in eBECAS and will reduce a lot of manual work. Additionally we will be able to provide a tool to analyse the CoE and Visa changes for GTE compliance purposes by Country/Agent and Visa type for a period
  • Course Revenue Report 12.019 has been updated to provide the options to calculate course revenue on the cancel date instead of the start date of the course
  • Unearned Fees report now includes the export of GL Account codes
  • Enrol search screen now has the option to display Offer id and Offer date
Minor release Sep 12, 2017
  • Colleges can now request forcing change of eBECAS password e.g. every 30 days
  • Offer Course item now can optionally display breaks in period as text
  • Pathway monitoring simplified
  • Attendance update flag confirmation marking attendance updated for week
Minor release Aug 12, 2017
  • Avetmiss 8 reporting supported
  • WA RAPT v3 reporting supported
  • Support added for multiple faculty semester definitions
Minor release Jul 18, 2017
  • Added new pathway fees option to support pathway college application and fee collection.
Minor release Jun 23, 2017
  • A warnng message is now displayed when room capacity is exceeded
  • Added a filter to Enrolment search for student on holidays
  • Changed Allianz Insurance export for new layout
Minor release Jun 6, 2017
  • Added support for a user and teacher to be defined for multiple locations
  • Provide option for invoice payee to be changed from Enrolment Fee screen
Minor release Mar 31, 2017
  • Allow for subject based pricing the addition of repeated subject invoicing
Minor release May 17, 2017
  • Added option to merge and print an individual Invoice to Enrolment Fees screen
Minor release Mar 31, 2017
  • Added enrol# and offer# to Report Reveue by Starters excel export
  • Added passport# and expiry date to Enrolment search
  • Updated support for Smart & Skilled NSW Avetmiss reporting
  • Added filter to Enrolment search for New/Continuing enrolment
  • Updated support for HEIMS HE PIR reporting
  • Updated support for VIC Avetmiss reporting including delivery locations
Minor release Mar 24, 2017
  • Corrected bug when adding discounts to Offer item
Minor release Dec 20, 2017
  • Added medical categories to Student details
  • Added bulk email and sms to Agent Search
  • Added colour indicator for progressive VET completion rates on Enrolment search
Minor release Dec 12, 2016
  • internal release
Minor release Nov, 2016
  • Word Merge Bookmarks – Student Totals now exclude Cancelled Enrolments
  • Word Merge Bookmarks – Academic Class Schedules table now includes Teachers assigned
  • Insurance Search – new form available to Search and list Insurance assigned to students
  • User Search – User Type filter, search by Teacher or User Type
  • Add support for CAAW details with eCOE
Minor release  Aug 23, 2016
  • Internal database update
Minor release  Jul 8, 2016
  • Language Class – result entry by week with entry by Teacher Portal
  • Language Class – absence stored by class session with entry by Teacher Portal
  • Templates – can now be stored in Cloud using Amazone Web services
Major release  Jun 10, 2016
  • Language Class – result entry by week with entry by Teacher Portal
  • Language Class – absence stored by class session with entry by Teacher Portal
Minor release  Apr 20, 2016
  • Separate entry of formatted VET address details for AVETMISS export
  • New VET Result display and bulk result entry eBECAS – VET
Minor release  Apr 2, 2016
  • VET Training plan bookmarks added showing module hours and weeks
Significant release  Jan 1, 2016
  • AVETMISS Update
  • Language Class now specifying Days and Times, Teachers, Room and Level
  • Teachers are moved to Users, so that a Teacher can be a Administrative user and a Teacher
  • Enrollment Details sections where no data is entered, the display has been compressed
  • Added Salesperson to Offers and Enrollment Added: Added Salesperson Group by option to Enrollment and Finance Reports
  • Added SMS integration and SMS Template specification: for bulk messages to Enrollment and Student Search
  • Added Audit Trail and Report for VET results
Minor release  Oct 4, 2015
  • Added cohort field to VET Result search
Significant release  Sep 29, 2015
  • Old Language Classing display: Added the tab option to display the previously stored dated stamped class changes for Enrollment Language Class history.
  • Hide/Display Cancelled Student Enrollment details
  • Added email BCC Internal staff and Teachers: Added email option to BCC Internal staff and teachers where Users have specified their email address.
Significant release  July 22, 2015
  • New: Language Classing: Added the option to pre-allocate classing in future weeks without changing the current allocation of student classes, with a new simple display of Enrollment Language Class history.
Significant release  March 25, 2015

  • New:VET courses: Added a search option to display VET subjects currently being studied. The display grid provides options to group by course and subject and provides in grid editing of drop down options.
Significant release  February 19, 2015
  • New:Moved VET address details to VET & HE tab, no local VET address required for Overseas students
  • New:Check of VET subject study period (start date is before end date)
  • New:Display of all Student Fees under Fee View, display of Tuition and Agent fees on same line in separate columns
  • New:Agent email option added to Stduent – Contact – Diary
  • New: USI create option added to Student – VET & HE tab with updating of College’s DEVICE key
  • Improved: Query speed throughout application
Significant release  January 20, 2015
  • New: Added course code to Revenue Report excel merge
  • Fixed: Student photo not showing after uploading bug
  • Fixed: Avetmiss export update
  • Fixed: Result status not saving in VET and HE class results entry
Minor release  January 02, 2015
  • Fixed: Student Details – Marketing Pathway – Institution value missing bug
  • Fixed: Financial Activity excel merge bug
  • Fixed: Form Diary height issue
Significant release  December 29, 2014
  • New: Added support for Gender ‘X’
  • New: Enhanced Student Fee Tab view
  • Fixed: Financial Activity Report export bug
  • Fixed: Unearned Fee excel export bug
  • Fixed: Changed main screen side navigation bar ‘course’ to ‘program’
  • Fixed: Renamed ‘modules’ to ‘subjects’
  • Fixed: Changed ‘non pivot table output’ to list all relevant enrolments and their information in enrolment weekly number export
Significant release  December 22, 2014
  • New: >Added USI information to Enrolment Report export
  • New: Added USI number to Enrolment Search display
  • New: Added support for entering Queensland VET Learning Unique Identity and Study Mode (full-time)
  • New: Added attach pdf file (Office 2010 or later is required) when sending emails, after generating document in Diary
  • Fixed: Display of date in VET & HE Class display
Significant release  December 16, 2014
  • New: Added graphical display of timetables for VET & HE enrolments
  • New: New offer table bookmarks which display line items with commission, discount and tax/gst in single line (in columns)
  • New: Improved email support with new Send email option to stakeholders from student details, enrolment details, enrolment fees, agent, homestay and airport transfer
  • New: Support added for USI integration
  • New: Support for new WA enrolment invoices – we have added a new price option by subject. Subjects can be individually priced with course fees, resource fees and RPL by subject. Subjects selection is entered on a new subject screen in the offer area. The invoice can only raised after the subject census date
  • Fixed: Faculty type VET (Vocational) & HE (Higher Education) replaces type Academic
  • Fixed: Temporary files and screen layout files for each user are no longer written to local disk drive, which improves reporting speed, and remove network user access issues related to writing data to local disk drives
Significant release  November 4, 2014
  • New: Student photo is now shown on main Student details screen
  • New: Integration of eCASM where Agent can enter applications, and viewed in eBECAS from the Offer and Application search screen 1.6
  • New: Bulk export of Prisms student contact details by eCoE
  • New: Entry and verification of USI
  • New: Academic (VET & HE) Class search now enabled to place waiting students
  • New: Academic (VET & HE) Classes now include the allocation of Teachers
  • New: Enrolment fee bookmarks with tax (gst), commission, invoice and payment/due listed by line item
  • New: Report temporary files are now not written to the workstation local drive, reducing network traffic
Minor release October 21, 2014
  • New: Added columns {marketing staff, country, Fee and Course Account code} to Invoices Due Report 12.021 Excel Merge.

Minor release  October 16, 2014
  • New: New Enrolment Fees Bookmark.
Minor release  October 13, 2014
  • New: New Language Class Bookmark – LC_CLASS_25.
Minor release September 10, 2014
  • Fixed: Unable to enroll current student in new Examination.
Minor release  August 25, 2014
  • Fixed: Enrolments search not showing result on Language Classes Student Allocation bug.
Minor release  August 19, 2014
  • Fixed: Student  Account Print bulk word merge not working bug.

Major release  August 18, 2014
  • New: ‘Level Band’ and ‘Display Name’ on Language Class Level.
  • New: ‘Level Band’ and ‘Display Name’ columns on Language Class Search result.
  • New: Option to filter enabled/disabled Language Levels.
  • Fixed: Detailed Enrolment Report with exclude leaves now shows correct monetary amounts.
  • Fixed: Re-enabled non-Australian colleges to view and edit Provider Code in Company Details.
  • Fixed: Renamed certains captions on Student Details screen and Enrolment Search screen.
Minor release  July 31, 2014
  • Fixed: Warning Letter Bulk Word Merge is now working.
Minor release  July 30, 2014
  • Fixed: Custom Fields group box is now showing at the correct height, which allows the group boxes below it to be visible.
Minor release  July 23, 2014
  • New: Study tour information to Academic Result Module word merge.
  • Fixed: Academic Result Module word merge table prefix.
Minor release  July 22, 2014
  • Fixed: Word Merge function missing in Offer Screen.
  • Fixed: Unable to accept Offer.

Major release  July 22, 2014
  • New: Added additional display columns to the Offer Search Screen.
  • New: Added AVETMISS result details in VET class result entry.
  • New: Added bookmark to Offer Document Word Merge.
  • New: Added template type “Academic Results Module”.
  • New: Added bulk offer template word merge to Offer Search Screen.
  • New: Added bulk student template word merge to Group Offer Student Screen.
  • Fixed: Error creating student document word merge when student has no enrolment record.

Minor release  June 16, 2014
  • Fixed: Document store configuration fix.

Minor release  June 13, 2014
  • Fixed: Database transaction lock conflict bug fix.

Minor release  June 4, 2014
  • New: Added Homestay placement and Family bookmarks to Enrolment Search bulk word-merge.
  • New: Added Group column to Enrolment Search Result.
  • New: Added a forth period to the Period Comparison Report.
  • Enhancement: Auto-fill the date fields in the Period Comparison Report.
  • Enhancement: Auto-select student homestay, visa, and airport entries in Enrolment word-merge and Enrolment Search bulk word-merge.
  • Removed: Removed notification messages upon completion of weekly task/eCoE calculation.

Minor release  May 29, 2014
  • Fixed: Avetmiss 7 export bug fixes.
Minor release  May 27, 2014
  • Fixed: Avetmiss 7 exports for Victoria now correctly report Course Commencement date.

Minor release  May 23, 2014
  • New: Added new bookmarks for Training Plan (“TP”) to academic results, which includes module weeks and hours
  • Fixed: Abesences now show the user that entered the absence
  • Fixed: Avetmiss 7 exports now pass NCVER validation
  • Fixed: Validation for Avetmiss addresses
  • Enhancement: Avetmiss export screen now automatically preselects date ranges based on the collection period.

Minor release  May 20, 2014
  • Fixed: Error exporting reports.

Major release  May 19, 2014
  • New: The eBECAS application is now branded as EDMISS for the American market.
  • Fixed: The “3.51 Company Details” screen no longer shows the ‘Trust’ and ‘Provider’ input fields when colleges are located in the US.
  • Fixed: When creating an insurance fee on the 3.41 Fee Details screen the Sales Information -> Rate field is defaulted to Monthly Fixed if no value is selected.
  • Fixed: When adding accommodation fee details (3.41 Fee Details), a weekly and/or daily amount above $0.00 MUST be provided if the “I purchase this item” checkbox is selected.
  • Fixed: Users can now add Email, Phone, Fax and WWW columns to the 2.0 Agent Search results grid.
  • Fixed: Users can now search for inactive faculties from the 3.2 Faculty Search screen. A column indicating the VET status for the faculty has been added to the search results grid.
  • Fixed: VET enabled faculties can now specify the Australian State/Territory that they report against (3.3 Faculty Details)

Minor release  May 02, 2014
  • Fixed: Editing Student Addresses no longer causes “Error Loading Data: Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window” bug.
  • Enhancement: Changed validation on Avetmiss addresses to coincide with Avetmiss 7 standards.

Major release  May 01, 2014
  • Fixed: Teacher connections are no longer counted towards your license limit at application startup.
  • Fixed: The user search screen shows the number of logged in users for each type of user (e.g. teacher, standard) rather than a count of *all* logged in users.
  • Fixed: Avetmiss (local and postal) addresses will only display when a student has enrolled in at least one Avetmiss course.
  • Fixed: Fixed eCOE attendance percentage calculation.
  • Enhancement: Added data validation checks when entering an Avetmiss address.
  • Enhancement: A warning message is displayed when an Avetmiss address is empty.
  • Enhancement: The “Students Weekly Calculation” operation now calculates eCOE Attendance as well.
  • Enhancement: Users can now press [Enter] to search on the Invoice Search screen.

Minor release  April 22, 2014
  • Fixed a bug preventing language class result word merges from completing.

Major release  April 16, 2014
  • Fixed Student Report GRID_SG1, GRID_SG2, GRID_SG3 bookmarks to show GROSS fees instead of NETT fees. (see:
  • Fixed Enrolment Report GRID_EG1, GRID_EG2, GRID_EG3 bookmarks to show GROSS fees instead of NETT fees (see:
  • Fixed eCOE attendance calculation to account for ALL eCOE attendance instead of just CURRENT ECOE attendance.
  • Added option to enable pre-enrolment test results for local and overseas students to be shown.
  • Added Total Absent Hours to Enrolment Detail Report.
  • Fixed progress bar not updating when recalculating eCoe attendance.
  • Fixed progress bar not updating when calculating student location.
Student Portal:
  • Fixed error when registering/logging in students that were being modified at the same time in the eBecas application.
  • Added error logging enhancements.
  • Migrated Offers with Offer Status Types – Withdrawn to Cancelled and Preparing to Offer. Removed the System Type records to prevent them being used in future.

Major release  February 12, 2014
  • Avetmiss updates for Australian Avetmiss VET NAT file output
  • Marketing Analysis – Comparison in period report added options for analysis by Faculty and Course, with the existing options Agent and Country. Thise enables up to 3 separate periods comparing enrollment numbers, course weeks, gross and nett invoice value.
  • Offer table bookmarks – Added offer_table_7/8/9 with full price listed in first column before discount and price less discount.

Major release (esp. for Victorian Avetmiss Colleges)  February 5, 2014
  • Fixed: Errors in Avetmiss NAT file 80 for Victorian VET College returns.

Major release  January 29, 2014
  • Support for AVETMISS 7 – VET Address details are separately entered. All Colleges using Avetmiss need to update VET local and postal address details. Separate fields are now required for each VET address item detail. Please make sure you update the suburb by selecting the suburb from the list, which updates the postcode and state.
Student Portal
  • All Colleges who use EIT for eBECAS database hosting have the option of using the new live student portal at no additional cost. The student portal has been completely redesigned and can be accessed from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Major release  December 17, 2013
  • Support for AVETMISS 7: Output option includes version 6 and 7. New Avetmiss 7 fields added. Support for address detail fields as required for Avetmiss 7.

Minor release  December 6, 2013
  • Courses can be nominated as HE (Higher Education) or VET. Course search can be filtered by All, VET or HE.
  • Higher Education and VET courses have new options to support Fee-Help
  • Student Enrolment Report current now exports to MS Excel with VET and HE fee help data.
  • Offer search options have changed to one of Offer, Enrollment or Cancelled. The status Preparing and Made both now have the status Offer.
  • Fees and courses can be nominated to be published to DirectEnrol. DirectEnrol enables students and agents to enter applications and supporting documents via the web and appear in eBECAS v9. The College can respond wth an offer and confirm details with no-rekeying.

Minor release  November 19, 2013
  • Student photo size changed to 320 (high) x 240 (wide) pixels (portrait). Bookmark is s_photo.
  • Homestay search – custom fields can now be displayed on Provider Search 8.0.
  • Enrolment search – agent custom fields can now be displayed.
  • Academic Result entry now shows who and when last change was made.

Minor release  June 18, 2013
  • Fixed bug where Enrolment cancellation or shorten reason did not allow you to save.
  • Option to specify Offer Cancel Reasons added – eBECAS – Main – Utilities – Setup Configuration – Offer – Cancel Reasons. Suggested reasons – Visa Refusal, Studying at another College, No longer interested etc.
  • Document Storage now has option to Save to disk as well as open document.
  • Setup option to always display or not display Student details a. Pathway details b. Passport details c. Pre-enrolment test.

Minor release  June 18, 2013
  • When cancelling or shortening Enrolment – specification of reason for cancellation or shortening now required.
  • When changing status of an offer to cancelled – specification of reason for cancellation now required.

Minor release  June 18, 2013
  • Added week and day multiplier Fee option for Insurance
  • Added email address to Employer search screen
  • Added eCoe attendance (current and overall) to enrolment search
  • Added completion date for academic (Vocational) class result entry
  • Added to academic Results by Class result report – detail excel export – Country attendance by class and overall and class completed date
  • Added local/overseas and visa type to revenue in period report – detail excel export

Minor release  April 22, 2013
  • Updated Income Recognition Report – minor calculation bug when payment is made for a course already finished.

Minor release  February 20, 2013
  • Updated Avetmiss to include price per module/unit/subject

Minor release  February 8, 2013
  • Corrected week numbers listed in Language Class bookmarks
  • Added to Finance Report option to multi-select Faculties to Report 12.025
  • Changes in Period Report enhancement – added add a group by option reason/category and added an option to filter by type of change (cancellation etc). Details Report includes reason category, the ms excel export includes change reason category and text.
  • Fixed Language Enrolment search – search on Enrolment grid for nett due <> 0 error fixed
  • Revenue by Start/Booking Date Report enhancement – added group by Visa Type and detail and MS Excel output includes visa type.
  • Income Recogition Report – added Student Type (local overseas) and Visa Type to MS Excel output.

Minor release  January 30, 2013
  • Added new Language Class bookmark for class listing LC_CLASS_24
  • Added Company, Location, Faculty, to Offer Courses Report 12.006

Minor release  December 20, 2012
  • New Insurance option: Couple
  • Employer bookmarks added
  • Student passport detail bookmarks added
  • New email button beside email address for: student address, agent details and homestay accommodation provider
  • Country added to emergency address details

Minor release  October 30, 2012
  • Improvements for secure internet hosted version 9
  • Student address details – Copy button to emergency contact from local and overseas/other address.

Major release  September 27, 2012
  • Enrolment Tuition fees now include period invoice item covers – Now when an new offer is added, the payments are scheduled and then offer is accepted and creates the enrolment, the invoice course item now includes the period of the course covered by the invoice. We have updated the enrolment table bookmarks grid_eg*, grid_en*, grid_due_gross, grid_due_nett, grid_inv_due_gross and grid_inv_due_nett to include the period and weeks in the reference column.
  • ESOS Account deposits in period Ms Excel export for Prisms – We have added a new export option eBECAS – Main – Finance – ESOS Deposits. This enables Australian Colleges to comply with the latest ESOS requirements to be able to bulk load deposits into the ESOS Account via Prisms with details including eCoE number, tuition fee amount, tuition fee period from date, tuition fee period to date, date payment received/deposited into ESOS account. For more details on using this facility please see here

Minor release  August 28, 2012
  • Support for generating WA RAPT files – We have now included support for the generation of WA RAPT files. Extra files have been included to specify for the enrolment – other screen – Fee Exempt, Purchase Contract and Purchase Contract Schedule. The RAPT export option is available on the Utilities – Avetmiss Export when the State Western Australia is selected
Minor release  August 17, 2012
  • Invoices in Period – We have now included the due date of the invoice in the eBECAS – Reports – Finance – Invoices in Period 12.003 for detail ms export. Details include Company, Location, Student Number, Agent code, Agent Name, Course, Faculty, Invoice number, Invoice date, Due date, Fee type, Fee name, Fee category, Invoice amount, Tax Registered, Agent GST included.
  • Enrolment Search now includes Visa no and eCOE no – We have added the option to search for a visa number and eCOE number on the Enrolment search – Advanced tab.
  • Enhanced Enrolment cancellation Search – We have added to the Enrolment search the option to search for cancellations. Search Date Option – Cancelled. You can specify the period the cancellation was specified, and group by reason, country, agent with any or all grouping. Course weeks cancelled are displayed and can be grouped by reason/agent/country.
  • New Enrolment Fee bookmarks – We have added new bookmarks for the student enrolment fees. The new bookmarks display:
    • Original invoice gross (date, fee description, amount) GRID_ALLINV_GROSS
    • Original invoice nett (date, fee description, amount) GRID_ALLINV_NETT
    • Due gross (date, fee description, amount) GRID_DUE_GROSS
    • Due nett (date, fee description, amount) GRID_DUE_GROSS.
Minor release  August 2, 2012
  • AVETMISS – We have fixed a bug where results have been deleted and modules are still marked as current and assigned to class. These were still being exported to AVETMISS files. This has been fixed.

Major release  July 27, 2012
  • Warning letters – We have recently added enhanced support for warning letters. This is designed simplify the generation of warning letters and recording the warning level and when they were issued. The letters can be generated from the Enrolment search screen, and filtered by current (progressive) or overall attendance percentage, those selected can be merged and generated in bulk, personalised with other details like when the letter was generated, the student’s attendance percentage, and type of warning. see here
  • Emergency contact details – added emergency contact details to Student bookmarks and Ms Excel for Student Enrolment Reports

Major release  July 23, 2012
  • eBECAS Online Help – online help site updated to eBECAS – Main – Help – eBECAS Help.
  • Offer discount bug fixed – a bug in calculation of tuition and agent fee when a discount is applied to an offer and the offer is accepted has been fixed.
  • Monitoring visa refusals – support of GTE (genuine temporary entrant) and SVP (streamlined visa processing) – offer cancellation reasons and enrolment cancellation category and reason can be entered.see here

Major release  July 9, 2012
  • Language Classing bug addressed – A bug was identified where a student was assigned to a class, but not removed from the **not allocated** class. This has been fixed.

Minor release  July 5, 2012
  • The offer screen has been changed to list the Offer items and instalments on separate tabs- This provides more space for change and cancelation reasons, visa and eCoE details, and clearer display of multiple courses and instalments.
  • Listing of all Language session allocations on the enrolment search grid – The grid now includes the class, teacher and room for each of the 8 sessions.
  • Emergency contact details added as a separate address for student details.
  • Language Class History now includes who changed the class allocation and when.
  • New Offer table bookmarks – OFFER_INSTALL_11, OFFER_INSTALL_12, OFFER_INSTALL_13 duplicated with _1, _2, _3, _4.

Major release  June 29, 2012
  • New ESOS Account calculation – We have updated the instalment listing to include the course period the instalment relates to. We have also imprved the speed of the ESOS Account Calculation, and option to export the stdeunt details to Ms Excel. For more details see here
  • New Offer table bookmarks – OFFER_INSTALL_11 with columns due date, description with the course period payment relates to, and amount; OFFER_INSTALL_12 with columns due date, description with the course period payment relates to, amount, commission amount, and nett_amount; OFFER_INSTALL_13 with columns due date, description with the course period payment relates to, and nett_amount.

Major release  June 1, 2012
  • New ESOS Account calculation – This version includes the ESOS Account calculation. Course and Material fees that have been receipted before the student has started are listed as being kept in the ESOS Account. The total as of a date is calculated and summed by Company, Location and Faculty. The student enrolments comprising those fees can be displayed. In each student enrolment Fees screen, the option is available to display the amount kept in the ESOS Account, for the calculation dates. For more details see here
  • New Offer table bookmarks listing courses, accommodation requests, transfers and insurance – We have added table bookmark OFFER_TABLE_COURSE, OFFER_TABLE_ACCOMM, OFFER_TABLE_INSURE and OFFER_TABLE_TRANS showing the line item detail without fees.
  • We have fixed a bug in the entry of Agent commission rates

Minor release  May 22, 2012
  • Option to reprint amended Letter of Offer after enrolment is created – When an offer is accepted, and the enrolment start date is changed, we provide the option to re-print the letter of offer with the new starting and finishing dates that have been updated for the enrolment. Please go to the original offer and use the same template, the start and end dates will be changed for the offer.
  • We have added new Offer installment bookmarks displaying nett and due date for agents (enhancement for TPS) – We have added table bookmark OFFER_TABLE_3 showing due date, gross amount, commission amount and nett amount. We have also added the table bookmark OFFER_INSTALL_4 showing due date and nett amount.
  • We now provide colour highlighting of the offer status.

Minor release  May 22, 2012
  • Separation of Create (New) and Modify user access options – Previously all users who were given Create (New) options for a screen, automatically were given Modify (and view) access. Now each user must be specified access to create and modify separately.
  • Document repository for Accommodation (Homestay) Providers bug was fixed.

Minor release  May 2, 2012
  • eCoE attendance calculation bug fix – The Student eCoE attendance calculation was broken and has been fixed.
  • New option to generate Offer installments for fees other than course

Major release  April 3, 2012
  • Course Revenue Report bug fix – The Report 12.019 – eBECAS – Reports – Finance – Course Revenue included a bug where the course enrolment length in days was incorectly listed as 1. The full course enrolment length is now displayed correctly.

Major release  March 19, 2012
  • Added TPS Offer / Invoice Instalment options – Offer instalments options now include standard options for scheduling due dates for invoices as per the new ESOS regulations for Australian Colleges. For greater detail please see here.
  • Added display of group with homestay requests – for new offers added, homestay requests now displays if the homestay is a part of a group.
  • A student’s age is now displayed on the offer screen
  • 4. Display of agent contact handling offer and enrolment – The agent contact handing the offer is now displayed (staff member name with email address) on the Offer search screen 1.6, Language and Academic Search screens 1.4 and Student Details – Offer and Enrolment search screen 1.1.
  • Pathway Monitoring / Streamlined Visa Processing – We are in the process of updating pathway monitoring to provide greater information for pathway reporting especially for partner Universities and Colleges. You can nominate a student as being monitored and if they are not meeting pathway plan (to pro-actively schedule a meeting). We will shortly provide a report for each partner University or College for a period what students are expected to arrive at partner institutions and also list the student’s results.
  • Offer detail screen – added display of agent notes and student age
  • Academic Class Details – added display of module number of weeks, total hours and hours per week for class
  • Room Description bookmarks – we have added to the new bookmarks for the allocated class room, to display the description. This was raised as an issue for rooms that need more than 4 characters. Previously only the room code was published. Now class room descriptions can be used for class rooms allocated for each session. Bookmarks are available for student, enrolment and the merge timetable print for Language Classes. The class room description bookmarks for students for each session ROOM_DESC_1 etc, for enrolments for each session E_ROOM_DESC_1 etc, and for each Language Class for bulk timetable printing LC_ROOM_DESC etc
  • User Security Layout – User security override options have been cleaned up and more closely reflect the menu heirachy in eBECAS.
Minor release  March 2, 2012
  • New option in Avetmiss result Entry – We now provide for the entry and reporting of hours studied for the Vet module result when the module status is changed to withdrawn.

Minor release  February 28, 2012
  • New update for Income Recognition Report – Income recognition has been reformatted to list more details of stored finacials and changes since last run, with calculated revenue. eBECAS – Finance – Income Recognition (New)
  • User type Teacher – Teachers can be specified as a user to enter absence/attendance without using a licensed eBECAS user.
  • Visa count and student enrolment numbers Report – The report has been updated using the enrolment course weeks in the period equal to or greater than 26 weeks = 1, greater than 13 weeks and less than 26 = 1/2 and 13 weeks or less = 1/4.
  • Updated Revenue by Start or Booking Date Period Report 12.020 – The report has been updated and now has 3 options, 1. Summary, showing breakdown by fees, 2. Detail by Student and 3. Student with fee details. Details include by student: Course, start end date, Invoiced amount, Discount, Writeoff, Debit and Gross Revenue.

Major release  February 12, 2012
  • Sync for Agents Listing and Student Web Portal – Update required for Colleges using Document repository and Sync.
  • Avetmiss update
  • OSHC Worldcare insurance options and name change – Update to include 3 insurance options for Mondial OSHC – single/dual family/multi family.

Major release December 28, 2011
  • Document repository – loading and downloading documents have been improved.

Major release  October 25, 2011
  • Document repository – Providing the facility to store and retrieve documents associated with students, agents, homestay providers and employers. Documents can be categorised. Each College can specify where your documents are stored. Documents are stored using an ftp server, accessable via the internet or LAN. For Colleges without their own ftp server, we can provide, at no cost, an ftp server account. for more details, please see here.
  • Server and Avetmiss / VSR registration – In eBECAS version 9, each server will need to be registered. We need to ensure that Colleges using eBECAs are not bypassing our user licensing, and using more than one server. A new eBecasDBConfig is provided for use with the new eBECAS.exe, which requires the specification of the server name the database is running on. We will be in contact with each College. For more details please see here.

Release Notes from eBECAS Version 8
Release Notes from eBECAS Version 7