Reports give you access to your eBECAS data. You can examine your eBECAS data in a wide range of combinations at different levels of detail.

You can export the data on the reports or use our API Report Services to automate your reporting processes.
With our API Report Services (Business Intelligence) you can automate the ingestion of your eBECAS data (selected reports) into Microsoft Power BI using our Power BI Connector.

In the following table you can see the reports available in the eBECAS ecosystem and where you can access them from:

  • eBECAS Client
Category Subcategory Name Code Available on API Endpoint
Student Enrolment
Bookings (Weekly) 12.014
Bookings (Monthly) 12.014
Current (Weekly) 12.014
Current (Monthly) 12.014
Starters (Weekly) 12.014
Starters (Monthly) 12.014
Finishers (Weekly) 12.014
Finishers (Monthly) 12.014
in Period
Bookings 12.014 /bookingsinperiod
Current 12.014 /currentinperiod
Starters 12.014
Finishers 12.014
Attendance Monitoring 12.010
Absences in Period 12.001
Students on Leave 12.011
Changes in Period 12.012
Finance Invoices Invoices in Period 12.003 /invoiceinperiod
Invoices Due Report 12.021
Invoices Aged Due Report 12.096
Receipts and Credits Receipts in Period / by number 12.027
Receipts by Student Enrolment 12.028 /receiptbystudent
Receipts in Period 12.017
Receipts in Period – Trust 12.090
Credits in Period 12.017 /creditinperiod
Receipts in Period – Fees 12.094
Accounts Payable Debits in Period 12.022 /debitinperiod
Commission Report
Agent Commission Report 12.060
Revenue by Start Date 12.020 /revenuebystartdate
Revenue by Booking Date 12.020 /revenuebybookingdate
Homestay Revenue Report /homestayrevenue
Anticipated Cash Flow Report (Weekly) 12.060
Anticipated Cash Flow Report (Monthly)
Financial Activity Report 12.025
Unearned Fees Report
Course Revenue Report 12.019
Homestay Unscheduled Payments 12.050
Marketing Offers Offers in Period 12.006 /offerinperiod
Offers in Period (detail by item) 12.006 /offeriteminperiod
Offered Courses 12.006 /offeredcourses
Offered Value 12.007
Offered by Item 12.008 /offerbyitem
Offers Conversion 12.009
Offer Nett Weeks 12.009
Region / Country / Agent
Student Count on Visa
Period Comparison
New Period Comparison
EA Statistics
Pathway Partner
Homestay Providers /homestaydetails
Students 12.016
Offered Homestays
Homestay Numbers (Daily) 12.0161
Homestay Numbers (Weekly)
Homestay Numbers (Monthly)
Homestay Numbers (Grid-Daily)
Homestay Numbers (Grid-Weekly)
Homestay Numbers (Grid-Monthly)
Classes VET & HE Attendance Roll
Attendance Sheet
NoticeBoard Roll
Classes 12.005
Class Enrolment Numbers Report
Enrolments – Subjects Not Studied 12.004
Student Results Listing 12.023
Timetable 12.080
Student Results by Class 12.024
Language Results in Period 12.093
Class Roll (Attendance)
Class List Register
Class List Detail 12.029
Class Register
Student Classes List (Notice Board)
Teacher Classes List
Room Classes List
Class Allocation Projection 12.100
Airport Transfers Transfers 12.018
Offered Transfers
Agents Listing 12.062 /agentlisting
Commission Rates 12.063
Commission Paid / Due Report 12.060
Agent Activity 12.026
Agent Account 12.061
Study Tours Starters
Diary Diary Listing