SMS Messaging

You can use SMS messaging to send text messages to individual or selected groups of Students and Student enrollments in bulk.

You need to register and pre-pay with either of 3 SMS messaging services that eBECAS integrates with – Clickatell or Australian based WholesaleSMS or DirectSMS. When you have a registered account with either of these service providers, you can enter the details and send SMS messages.

We provide SMS bookmarks that you can use in your message to tailor the message for the Student.

SMS Templates

You can create templates that embed personalised SMS Messages. Go to eBECAS – Main Setup Configuration -SMS Templates – Enrolment – New

In the text Message you can select the bookmarks from the dropdown and then press the Add Bookmark button to place the bookmark in the message

The bookmarks available include outstanding fees, student details including course, class and attendance.

Sending SMS messages

You can send messages from the Student Search screen or the Enrollment search screen:

Select the Word Merge button, and the Merge column is displayed on the grid. Select the enrolments you want to send the messages to (you can filter the grid by any field – right click the column title bar)

When you press the Send SMS you can select either a saved SMS Template or create a new custom template. Highlight the template and press SMS Merge.

The message is displayed confirming that the SMS message has been sent.

The message is sent to the student mobile and copied automatically to the student Contact/Diary