The eBECAS Student Portal is designed to be accessed by smart phone, tablet or computer browser.

The Portal is customised with relevant graphics and branding for the college. The Student Portal is included in the annual license for 5 users or more.

Whenever relevant information is updated in eBECAS, it is available immediately in the Portal and vice versa.

For Teacher and Student Portal Administrative setup see here

Student Portal

Please send a request to to obtain the link that you can paste on your College website to reference your College’s Student Portal.

Student Login Page

Displaying the login screen shows the College graphics. Either the student enter’s their student number and password or if they have not got their student number and a password, they can register for a portal account.

If the student presses the register for a portal account they can enter their student number and email address> The email address is looked up in eBECAS to confirm and a password is sent via email for the student to log in.

Student Portal Main Page

Privacy Page

If in Portal Administration, the Privacy details have been entered by your College, details of the Privacy Policy are displayed here:

At the bottom of the page the student must agree to this statement to use the Student Portal and go further:


The first screen you see is the Dashboard with News, today’s classes and any recently posted Results

Navigating Pages in the Student Portal

If you are using a phone or tablet there will be a drop down on the top left to enable you to move to the page you wish to view:

If you are using a computer the menu appears on the top line:


The absence Current and Overall Calculation is displayed. Current attendance is an indication if the attendances so far in the course are extrapolated over the whole course, this is what the attendance will be. It is designed to give an indication of how the student attendance is going. The overall attendance is the calculation that is used by CRICOS to measure below 80% for reporting.

The View Absences option, when pressed display when the absence was recorded and for how long for the day.


This option enables a student to apply online for anotehr course enrolment and look at the progress of any previously entered application. More details to come.

Class Schedule

Provides a week or work week pictorial view of classes. Next and previous week can be displayed

You can click a class element and display the class details

Class Timetables

The student’s week class details are viewed


A student can view documents and load documents, which will be available in eBECAS for administrators.

This can be used by students with applications where students need to photgraph or scan and load copies of passport, visa and any previous tests and qualifications.


Any holidays granted to the stduent either individually or for the College will be displayed


The student can see gross the invoices and amount outstanding or paid.

To see the detail of an invoice, select the invoice number


Messages can be sent to your College administration from within the student portal from the stduent and messages sent from Administration can be displayed here for the student

My Profile

Students can update and change their details including password, local contact, postal address, overseas contact details. emergency contact details, stduent reporting details (Avetmiss details for VET course recognition), student USI (Unique Student Indentifier) and Privacy Checklist


Any News or activities entered by the College Administration staff is displayed here


The College Privacy notice can be viewed


Both Language and VET Results are displayed on this page


Any surveys sent to the students for feedback are displayed