VET HE Results

  • VET
    • Subject/module based
    • Set different types of grades
  • HE and Foundation
    • Enter modules for a course which may contain additional sub-modules as assessment items.
    • Assign statuses to academic modules such as, not studied, class assigned, commenced, completed, withdrawn etc.

VET HE Results

Academic Results are subject/module based and are stored for each Student Enrolment.

In setup, usually each Academic course (VET and Foundation) lists the subjects/modules that need to be completed successfully for the course to be completed. When a student enrols in a course (offer is accepted), the subjects listed as belonging to that course are automatically listed for the Student Enrolment as waiting to be studied. Subjects/Modules can be added and removed to tailor the subjects to the student needs, wants and electives.

It is also important to recognize that the subjects/modules Results and Classes are different. The results are what the student obtained as a result in siting for an exam or test. The classes are details of when, where and who is teaching what.

Both Student Enrolment Results and Classes are listed in the Enrolment Details screen in the tabs Results and Classes. After creating the Student Enrolment, the Results for each subject are listed as Not Studied and the Classes are listed as Un-allocated. To assign classes please see here.

Once a student has been assigned to classes and has had results entered, their results tab will look similar to this:

Entering an Individual Student Result

Usually, results are entered by Class. However, you can manually enter a result for a subject. To do this, highlight the subject/module and select from the left menu Result – Modify.

You can then select the Grade from the drop down list (Grades would have been previously entered in eBECAS – Utilities – Setup Configuration – Academic – Result Codes.) Grades can be set as C – Competent, NC – not Competent or NYC not yet complete. Alternatively, you can set more traditional grades such as HD – High Distinction, D – Distinction, C – Credit, P – Pass etc. The Mark field is an integer field so you can enter a number that can be read as a percentage.

The Start and Finish dates are usually entered automatically when the Class is allocated. The period in which the module is studied within the course period is also automatically indicated. Entering a mark, the start and end dates or attendance is not compulsory. Attendance is automatically calculated for the subject and absence can be marked by subject.

The Status must be updated, options are: Not Studied, Class Assigned, Commenced, Completed, Withdrawn and Recognised prior Learning. The status of Not Studied is used to find and allocate students who are waiting to study subjects/modules.