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Entering student details and offer items

The following video demonstrates a few key actions involved in the eBECAS admissions process. The video focuses on adding student details into eBECAS, creating an offer for that student and then adding items to the offer.

The individual actions demonstrated in the video are:

  • Adding student details
  • Creating a new offer
  • Adding a course offer item
  • Specifying an agent for the offer
  • Adding an accommodation offer item
  • Adding an airport transfer offer item
  • Assigning a marketing staff to the offer
  • Filtering the offer search window by marketing staff
  • Creating a student diary entry
  • Changing a course start date

Following up offers

This video highlights a few different methods of following up offers in eBECAS. This includes following up an offer by:

  • Staff Member Assigned
  • Time Since Entry
  • Start Date of Course
  • Accommodation Request

This video also demonstrates how to group results by Country and by Agent.

Accepting an offer, raising an invoice and allocating classes

This video demonstrates how to accept an offer in eBECAS, which will generate an enrolment. Also covered in this video is how to raise an invoice for fees in an enrolment and how to allocate a student to classes.

The below video provides a more detailed overview of Class Allocation in eBECAS:


This video demonstrates a number of financial processes in eBECAS such as:

  • Making payments
  • Listing outstanding payments by student & agent
  • Homestay payments
  • Agent payments
  • Insurance payments
  • Viewing scheduled payments by agent, accommodation provider, airport transfer and insurance

This video illustrates how to use the invoices due report to list debtors by student and by agent.

Analysis -Period Comparison and Revenue

This video covers a number of different analysis methods in eBECAS. This is done through the reports section of eBECAS. In this video, the Student Enrollments report, the period comparison report and the revenue by period report are examined.

Enrolments Video

The below video provides a demonstration of filtering the enrolment search by attendance and by certificates.

Classing Video

The following video demonstrates a number of eBECAS actions relating to classing. The following tasks are completed in this video

  • Using the Language Class Search to view classes and the students that are in those classes
  • Entering absences for classes
  • Allocating students to classes
  • Word merging a Class Roll for a class

Offer Entry Video

The below video demonstrates the following actions in the eBECAS admissions process:

  • Entry of new student and student details
  • Entry of visa details
  • Entry of new offer and agent details
  • Entry of course offer item
  • Generating an offer invoice

Document Repository Video

The below video provides a brief overview of using the Document repository.

ESOS Regulations Video

The following video demonstrates how to generate a payment installment plan for a course offer item. This is done to ensure that the payment for the course conforms to the latest legislative requirements. This video also demonstrates how to then generate a Gross Tax Invoice for the offer.