eBECAS is a tightly integrated cloud based College Management system for RTOs (VET Providers), Higher Education providers and Language College/Schools.

eBECAS supports RTO/VET courses with AVETMISS reporting for domestic and overseas students with USI generation and Language College enrollments with class assignment based on language levels with class allocation based on the progress of the student.

eBECAS includes portals for students and teachers. Students can use their phones and tablets to see their Class timetables, results, attendance, exchange messages, update address details and account details. Teachers can see their class schedule, mark attendance and enter results and assessments.

eBECAS includes integrated single and bulk email and sms using templates.

eBECAS is designed to support direct student enrolments and students sent via agents. eBECAS includes a powerful marketing follow up CRM system using the date of inquiry (follow up leads by date period entered), course start date (follow up leads by approaching course start date), homestay/accommodation request confirmation, airport transfer request confirmation and for overseas students studying on a students visa loads CoE and Visa status updates from prisms. Filters include by CoE and Visa status, College salesperson, student country and agent.

eBECAS includes Financials with Student accounts, Accounts receivable, Accounts payable and Income recognition for period.

eBECAS is built on the following business logic.

  • Each student can study one or more courses at a College. A student may undertake a General English program, then study a Certificate program or study a Foundation program for University entrance.
  • eBECAS has a powerful pro-active follow up system for course offers. A student/agent can request and be sent multiple offers (pro-forma invoices). This may be for alternate start dates, studying different courses at different campuses or as a part of a College Group.
  • eBECAS offers have different statuses, to enable your College to prepare, send, cancel, withdraw and accept offers.
  • Accepted offers generate enrollments. Enrollments are confirmed student courses, with students/agents listed as debtors for outstanding invoices.
  • Enrolments (accepted offers) generate lists of students studying different subjects that are waiting for class allocation during the period of the student enrollment.

Offers / Admissions

It is important that all information and contact with the student is kept together. Before adding the student details, check to see if the student has already been to the College before, or if they have been to any affiliated Colleges within a multi College Group.

First the student details are added and then the Offer is. The Offer is made up of offer items, which can include one or more courses, also insurance, homestay request details, airport transfers and other fee details.

We can then use one of a number of Microsoft Word templates to generate the Offer letter, which has the form of a pro-forma invoice.

Offers will automatically have status’s defined, these change as the offer is processed and the agent/student responds. Initially, the offer will have the status of “Preparing”, which indicates that the offer has not yet been sent to the agent/student.

Usually the letter of Offer is sent to the student in gross form (with no commissions displayed) and in net form to the agent. Once the offer has been sent to the agent/student as a PDF via email, the status should be changed to “Offer Made”.


eBECAS provides huge efficiencies with sharing of data. Most of the work in using eBECAS is in the setup. Once the courses, agent details, fees etc are entered, the initial entry is the offer/inquiry. All the details about the offer are then shared throughout eBECAS including financials and classing.

After you have downloaded and installed eBECAS we and review the ideal setup options for your College. We will review the reporting requirements and grouping.

The courses you offer will need to have their prices and fees specified in detail. The College holiday (term) breaks will need to be entered for each faculty, so that the end dates can be calculated for each enrollment. Agent details will also need to be entered, including address, email, employees and any counselling staff with commission arrangements, and if Australian based include gst for commission.

We will also review the student details such as citizenship, native language spoken, pathway options, diary entries and visa & CoE details.